Sexual Dodo: Part 2

                                                                                         Part 2

… Black boy shorts with pink lace trims at the sides…. my d!ck couldn’t help but react to the sight…. my neurons sent these sexual information to my brain within micro seconds…all parts of my body reacting like never before… It was the last day of the year, and I definitely wanted a booty call to begin the New Year, so I had to hit this hard, or not hit it at all… Before I could make a decision she grabbed my d!ck and started to insert it herself, moaning as she rubbed her thumb over my D**k hole…

I Was In….

Slowly I entered her, gently, she was moist, her pussy already wet with pussy juice….I hit her, once,, twice then once again…like that for a couple of minutes, not fast, but hard…then I thought to myself, I wasn’t in the mood to satisfy her, my D!ck wouldn’t do the job alone, I needed to involve my tongue in this action if I wanted her to come back for more….

So I came out of her, pushed her against the couch with one hand, bent over and put my tongue over her pussy from the back, my other hands severely ravaging her clitoris…my tongue went in and out of her slowly, her soft moans echoed around the living room…then I bit her pussy lips softly, she moaned even louder, her head to the ceiling, her hands on her nipples… then I started to eat her out…non stop…deeper..not missing out any bit of her pussy, I turned her over, my fingers working her breasts, her hands on my head, pushing my face deeper into her pussy….she screamed even louder…The neighbors could definitely hear us now and I’m sure they know my name …then she came!! I put my head out and two fingers in….

I bent her knees forward towards her face and put my dodo-shaped-wood in her, this time faster, non stop, for as long as she could last, she was wet allover, screaming and talking dirty at the same time…”don’t stop” – she continually screamed… after about 3 minutes of non stop action she came again, the look on her face….Classic! ..she was all smiles..but I wasn’t satisfied…all I wanted this first time was her satisfaction…I would get mine in the New Year… “hope this wont be the last time” she muttered in a low tone….I assured her that it would not…

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